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Blackfly S (30mm)/Blackfly/Flea3/Chameleon3 ¼-20 Tripod Adapter

Blackfly S (30mm)/Blackfly/Flea3/Chameleon3 ¼-20 Tripod Adapter, #88-210

Blackfly S (30mm)/Blackfly/Flea3/Chameleon3 ¼-20 Tripod Adapter, #88-210
Blackfly S (30mm)/Blackfly/Flea3/Chameleon3 ¼-20 Tripod Adapter, #88-210
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Product Family Description

  • USB3 Connectivity
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Compact Design

FLIR Chameleon®3 USB3 Cameras offer USB3 connectivity, the fit form and flexibility of board level cameras, and popular CMOS and CCD sensors. They feature a compact, lightweight metal case that offers multiple mounting points and a locking USB3 connection, making them well-suited to a wide range of space-constrained applications. FLIR Chameleon®3 Cameras also feature an on-camera frame buffer for image retransmission and an opto-isolated GPIO with locking connection. Its unique combination of form factors, ultra-compact size, low cost, and CCD and CMOS sensor selection, makes the FLIR Chameleon®3 an ideal camera for a wide range of machine vision and scientific applications.