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50mm Diameter, X-Y-Z Positioning Movement

50mm Diameter, X-Y-Z Positioning Movement, #03-607

50mm Diameter, X-Y-Z Positioning Movement, #03-607

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Type of Movement:
Linear (X-Y-Z)
Guide System:
Type of Drive:
Rack and Pinion
Stage Size (mm):
76.2 x 90
50mm Inner Diameter Optical Mount Included for VZM Lens Mounting
Travel (mm):
70 in X, 60 in Y, 65 in Z
Travel (inches):
2.75 in X, 2.36 in Y, 2.56 in Z
Travel Per Knob Rotation (mm):
18 in X, 18 in Y, 23 in Z
Weight (kg):

Regulatory Compliance

Not Compliant

Product Description

¼-20 Adapter Plate Accessory

This item is used in conjunction with the X-Y-Z Positioning Movement (#03-607). This adapter plate accessory permits the positioning of mounting components to the stage and replaces the existing mounting ring attached to #03-607, which includes two M3 socket head cap screws to allow for mounting ¼-20 Plate Accessory #54-491.