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1" Travel, Eng Micrometer, Solid Top 5.00" Stage

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Type of Movement:
Linear (X)
Aluminum Top and Base/440C Stainless Steel Bearings
Guide System:
Ball Bearing
Stage Size (inches):
5.00 x 5.00
Stage Size (mm):
127 x 127
Type of Drive:
Digital Micrometer (English)
Drive Orientation:
Center Drive
Travel (inches):
Graduation (inches):
Solid Top
Straight Line Accuracy (inches):
0.00008 per inch of travel
Load Capacity, Normal (lbs):
Load Capacity, Ta (lbs):
Load Capacity, Tb (lbs):
Weight (lbs):

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:

Product Family Description

  • 0.001mm Resolution Directly Readable Micrometer
  • Readout in Inches or Millimeters
  • Available with English or Metric Mounting Holes

Available with standard (English) or metric mounting holes, these digital micrometers have a precision ground mounting surface and clear LCD readout. The micrometers also feature incremental or absolute positional modes, zero set at any position, inch or millimeter readouts (0.001mm resolution), display hold, and automatic shutdown to conserve the integral battery. Stage travels are one inch and table tops are available with or without a thru-hole.

Technical Information

Figure Size A Size B Size C Size D Size E Size F Threading G Threading H Stock No.
Solid Top
A 1.75" 0.75" 1.12" 2.12" 1.00" 0.50" 6-32 #6 #53-857
A 1.75" 0.75" 1.12" 2.12" 1.00" 6-32 #6 #53-856
A 2.62" 1.00" 2.00" 3.00" 2.00" 10-32 #38-199
A 2.62" 1.00" 2.00" 3.00" 2.00" 1.00" 10-32 #38-203
B 5.00" 1.00" 4.00" 4.00" ¼-20 #38-202
B 5.00" 1.00" 4.00" 4.00" 2.00" ¼-20 #38-204
C 44.4mm 19.0mm 30.0mm 53.8mm 25.0mm M4 M4 #55-461
C 66.5mm 25.4mm 50.0mm 75.9mm 50.0mm M5 M6 #55-462
D 127.0mm 25.4mm 100.0mm M6 M6 #55-463
D 66.5mm 25.4mm 50.0mm 75.9mm 50.0mm 25.4mm M5 M6 #55-464

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