Ultra-Low Surface
Roughness Polishing and Metrology

Join us for a discussion about the fabrication and measurement of superpolished optics with sub-angstrom surface roughness.

Minimize scatter for highly-sensitive laser optics applications!

We invite you to join this 45-minute webinar presented by experts from Edmund Optics, Jayson Nelson and Shawn Iles. Learn about ultra-low roughness optical surfaces developed by Edmund Optics.

At the end of this webinar, participants will have a strong understanding of:

  • The benefits of ultra-low roughness surfaces
  • Fundamental processes used in the creation of these surfaces
  • How to characterize and measure these surfaces
  • What tools are needed to report results with confidence
  • Ideal applications for superpolished surfaces
Jayson Nelson Jayson Nelson

Jayson Nelson is the Manufacturing Technology Manager at Edmund Optics' Tucson, AZ, USA office. He has been working in optics and related industries for over 40 years and is known for his work with precision glass molding of oxide and chalcogenide glasses, and development of ultra-low roughness surfaces on a range of amorphous and crystalline materials. Jayson holds degrees in Mechanical Technology, Physics, and Imaging Science, and is the author of eight US Patents and several publications. He is on the board of directors for OEOSC, a member of SPIE and OSA, an adjunct Research Professor at the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences, and President of J&T Molding Solutions, LLC.

Shawn Iles Shawn Iles

Shawn Iles is an Optical Manufacturing Engineer working in the Tucson R&D lab at Edmund Optics. His primary focus is in advanced optical fabrication and metrology solutions, but he also works on predictive modeling, tooling design, and data analysis. He has a degree in optical engineering from the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences and is the author of one US and European patent and several publications.




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