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Free-Space Optical Communication – TRENDING IN OPTICS: EPISODE 6

Free-space optical (FSO) communications transmit information wirelessly through the air using lasers from satellites to ground-based receivers, one satellite to another, or between different locations on the ground. This enables fast, affordable internet that provides bandwidth increases of 10 – 100X compared to existing radio frequency (RF) wireless communication. FSO communication is also highly-advantageous for defense communications because they offer increased levels of security. In an increasingly-connected world, FSO communications promise to revolutionize the ways we communicate.

This is Episode 6 in the Trending in Optics Video Series, in which one key trend in the optics and photonics industry is highlighted every several months. These conversations seek to shed some light on trending topics in optics and industry. Information on more technological and application advancements can be found at

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