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Edmund Optics Imaging Comparison: Why Optics Matter

The success of your machine vision application depends on the quality of your optical components. Quality optics ensure accuracy, repeatability, and speed -- all of which play a critical role in system performance and overall customer satisfaction. For the best price-to-performance ratio and image quality, choose Edmund Optics' TECHSPEC imaging components. Join Gregory Hollows, Director of Machine Vision Solutions, as he compares an EO TECHSPEC 16mm C Series Fixed Focal Length Lens to a leading competitor lens. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the results will speak for themselves. To learn more about why optics matter and read the details of EO's imaging comparison, view Better Optics = Better System Performance.

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The success of your machine vision application depends on the quality of your optics. Our interactive lab report answers the question, "Do optics matter?"

Telecentric, fixed focal length, micro-video, fixed magnification, variable magnification, or zoom lenses available. High resolution or large format designs to cover your sensor.

Edmund Optics can not only help you learn how to specify the right imaging optics, but can also provide you with multiple resources and products to surpass your imaging needs.

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