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Can I see the laser when using safety goggles?

Laser safety eyewear will not allow the user to see the laser beam since the beam is only visible if it reflects off a surface and creates a laser `spot'. The majority of safety eyewear available is designed to completely block the designated wavelength(s) and will not make the beam spot or reflections visible. In fact, depending on the optical density at a specific wavelength (see above question), the protective filtering will completely block out the related visual color. For example, eyewear designed to block a He-Ne laser at 632.8nm will completely block the color red and make it look more like brown. This type of eyewear is typically designed for a narrow spectrum (specific laser) or broadband (covers a range of laser applications) and will provide maximum protection without sacrificing luminous transmission, allowing the user to see clearly while performing their tasks. Our Laser Line series of safety eyewear makes it possible to see part of the beam at contact when using alignment lasers, while providing a degree of protection for low power lasers. Please note that just like selecting the incorrect eyewear, using the alignment type of eyewear with high power lasers can cause permanent damage. Eyewear is typically available in a variety of styles; including goggles and several types of spectacle styles.

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