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"Gaussian Beam Propagation (ガウシアンビームの伝播) Part 3" by Edmund Optics Japan - Optronics 05/2020
"Nano-Structured Anti-Reflective Surfaces for Materials Processing" by Becca Silver and Cory Boone - Novus Light Technologies 04/2020
"Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging" by Jaylond Cotten Martin - Photonics Spectra 04/2020
"Gaussian Beam Propagation (ガウシアンビームの伝播) Part 2" by Edmund Optics Japan - Optronics 04/2020
"Machine Vision Image Acquisition Optimization (机器视觉图像采集优化方法)" by Gritsko Perez and Brightstate Chen - Vision Systems Design China 03/2020
"Gaussian Beam Propagation (ガウシアンビームの伝播) Part 1" by Edmund Optics Japan - Optronics 02/2020
"Deciphering Lens Specifications and Choosing the Proper Lens" by Lisa Tsang - Quality Vision and Sensors 03/2020
"Design Considerations for New High Resolution and Frame Rate CMOS Sensors" by Nick Sischka - Quality Vision and Sensors 01/2020
"Next generation image sensors: Are suppliers ready to meet growing customer expectations?" by Greg Hollows - Vision Systems Design 02/2020
"Basis of a Filter and How to Choose, How to Use (フィルターの基礎と選び方・使い方)" by Edmund Optics Japan - How to Select Accessories and Related Products for Cameras in the Machine Vision Application 10/2019
"Image Acquisition Optimization (画像取得の最適化)" by Gritsko Perez and Atsushi Ikeda - Image Laboratory (画像ラボ) 10/2019
"Spatial Frequencies and Aspheric Lens Performance" by Pim Messelink and Cory Boone - Novus Light Technologies 10/2019
"Illumination: The Third Pillar of Imaging System Design" by Kyle Firestone and Jeremy Govier - Quality Vision & Sensors 09/2019
"Optical Coatings Technology" by Chris Cook and Cory Boone - Tech Briefs 09/2019
"Understanding unique machine vision illumination methods" by Jeremy Govier and Cory Boone - Vision Systems Design 09/2019
"The Art and Science of Designing Optics for Laser Damage Threshold" by Eunji Choi - Laser Technology (Korea) 08/2019
"Laser Beam Quality: Beam propagation and quality factors: A primer" by Randall Hinton - Laser Focus World 07/2019
"2-µm-Laser für medizinische Anwendungen" by James Karchner - Photonik 07/2019
"Resolving damage ambiguity and laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) complications" by Nathan Carlie and Kyle Firestone - Laser Focus World 06/2019
"How to handle optical design challenges in 3D imaging" by Jeremy Govier - Vision Systems Design 06/2019
"Antireflective Surfaces via Subwavelength Etching" by Shelby Ament - Photonics Spectra 06/2019
"Feature: On reflection" by Keely Portway (with contributions by Pat Sasso and Tony Karam) - Electro Optics 05/2019
"Ultrafast Mirrors: The importance of high reflectance and dispersion control in ultrafast optics" by Daniel Adams and Tony Karam - PhotonicsViews 05/2019
"Spectroscopy and Optics: Laser mirrors: High reflectance is measured best with cavity ring-down spectroscopy" by Ian Stevenson and Cory Boone - Laser Focus World 04/2019
"A Closer Look at Resolution Testing" by Patrick McKenna - Vision Spectra 04/2019
"Viewpoint: The Future Depends On Optics" by Daniel Adams - Electro Optics 12/2017
"The Importance Of Ruggedization For Imaging Lenses" by Daniel Adams - Assemblaggio & Meccatronica 09/2017
"How To Maximise The Performance Of An Imaging System" by Daniel Adams - Assemblaggio & Meccatronica 05/2017
"Understanding Aspheric Lenses" by Daniel Adams and Shelby Ament - Optik & Photonik 04/2018
"Cylinder Lenses for Beam Shaping" by Daniel Adams - Laser Technik Journal 01/2018
"Axicons in Action" by Dr. Sara Castillo - Optik & Photonik 05/2016
"Aspheres: The impact of shape factor on asphere design" by Eduardo Gonzalez - Laser Focus World 12/2018
"Nuances in Optical Design for Manufacturing" by Katie Schwertz and Shelby Ament - Photonics Spectra 12/2018
"Lens Selection Guide, Part 2" by Nick Sischka - Quality Vision & Sensors 12/2018
"The makings of a successful imaging lens, Part Three: Testing and metrology, ensuring you get what you asked for" by Greg Hollows - Vision Systems Design 11/2018
"Aspheres: Still Adding Value" by Oleg Leonov and Cory Boone - Optics & Photonics News 11/2018
"Miniaturization, Increased Resolution Drive Microscopy’s Future" by Nirantha Balagopal - BioPhotonics 10/2018
"The makings of a successful imaging lens, Part Two: Performance-based specifications and their design considerations" by Greg Hollows - Vision Systems Design 10/2018
"The makings of a successful imaging lens, Part One: Application and specification development" by Greg Hollows - Vision Systems Design 09/2018
"The art and science of designing optics for laser-induced damage threshold" by Nathan Carlie and Cory Boone - Laser Focus World 07/2018
"Vision Systems for 3D Measurement Require Care to Ensure Alignment" by Jessica Gehlhar - Industrial Photonics 07/2018
"Vision & Sensors Lens Selection Guide, Part 1" by Nick Sischka - Quality Vision & Sensors 05/2018
"Essential Principles for Designing and Specifying Laser Optics" by Stefaan Vandendriessche and Cory Boone - Photonics & Imaging Technology 05/2018
"Edmund Optics at 75" by Robert Edmund (Interview) - Optics & Photonics News 11/2017
"Bereit für die Zukunft: Moderne Optikfertigung mit CNC-Maschinen" by Stefan Schwarz - Inspect 04/2018
"Telecentricity Meets Flexibility" by Anna Hetzelt - Inspect 03/2018
"Optics 101: Theoretical Foundations" by Cory Boone - Quality Vision & Sensors (page 14VS) 09/2017
"Portable Microscopy/Optics Innovations: High-performance, low-profile microscopy" by Stephan Briggs and Cory Boone - BioOptics World 03/2018
"Innovations in Lens Measurement" by Andrew Fisher - Photonics Spectra 03/2018
"Balancing Cost and Specifications in high precision optical manufacturing small changes can have a large impact on cost" by Daniel Adams - Optik & Photonik 04/2018
"Optics, Imaging Software on the Ascent as Drone Use Expands" by Jared Talbot and Ryan Nelson - Photonics Spectra 10/2017
"Electrically Tunable Lenses in Imaging and Machine Vision" by Boris Ecker - Inspect 09/2015
"Looking at liquid lenses" by Nick Sischka and Mark Ventura - Vision Systems Design 02/2015
"Straight and True: Telecentric Lenses for Metrology and Quality Assurance" by Nick Sischka - Quality Magazine 09/2015
"Lens sees clearly even through shock and vibration" by Jessica Gehlhar and Cory Boone - Design World 07/2017
"Demanding Applications Call for Reflective Objectives" by Stefaan Vandendriessche - Photonics Spectra 06/2017
"Translational Research/Flow Cytometry: Large-scale flow cytometry enables climate-change insight" by Jarred E. Swalwell from Washington University w/ Stephan Briggs - BioOptics World 06/2017
"Optical Design: How to select the right laser beam expander" by Olivia Fehlberg - Laser Focus World 06/2017
"No One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Selecting Optical Coatings" by Stefaan Vandendriessche - Photonics Media 12/2016
"How Smaller Pixel Sizes Impact Lens Selection" by Nick Sischka - Vision Systems Design 10/2016
"Lens Choices Proliferate for Developers of Machine Vision Systems" by Andy Wilson - Vision Systems Design 09/2016
"Antireflection Nanotextures for Laser Optics Go Commercial" by James Patrick Nole, Stefaan Vandendriessche, and Gregg Fales - Laser Optics 09/2016
"Applications on the Upswing as Cost of Imaging Systems Come Down" by Marie Freebody - Photonics Spectra 07/2016
"Final frontier" by Rachel Berkowitz - Electro Optics 06/2016
"“An Exciting Time” for Optics" by Leah Pickett - Quality Magazine 05/2016
"Filtering in Machine Vision" by Gregory Hollows - NASA Tech Briefs 05/2016
"Get the Picture! Easily incorporate microscopic imaging into small-scale applications" by Stephan Briggs - Optik & Photonik 04/2016
"Optics Trends – an Inside Perspective" by Samuel Sadoulet - Optik & Photonik 04/2016
"Optics in Machine Vision" by Greg Hollows - Quality Magazine 03/2016
"Circuit boards get closer inspection" by Beth Harlen - Imaging and Machine Vision Europe 04/2016
"Asia-Pacific Region Sees Advancement, Competition" by Justine Murphy - Photonics Spectra 03/2016
"The Long and the Short of It: Techniques for Measuring Aspheres" by Amy Frantz - Photonics Spectra 09/2016
"Understanding Telecentricity and Perspective Error" by Edmund Optics - NASA Tech Briefs 10/2015
"Benefits of Stock Optics in Custom Designs" by Stefaan Vandendriessche - Photonics Spectra 01/2016
"Optimizing the Design of Aspheric Lenses" by Jeremy Govier - Photonics Spectra 09/2015
"Optics Testing: MTF Quickly Characterizes the Performance of Imaging Systems" by Sam Sadoulet - Laser Focus World 03/2006
"Lens Design Targets Flat-Panel Inspection" by Jeremy Govier - Vision Systems Design 03/2006
"Edmund Optics Solves LED Coupling Problems" by Jacqueline Hewett - Optics & Laser Europe 03/2006
"The Big Picture" by Andrea Tollison - Test and Measurement World 04/2006
"Glass Molding Makes High-Quality Aspheres Cost Effective" by Matthew Stairiker - NASA Tech Briefs 10/2006
"Lens Considerations Change for Large-format Cameras" by Jeremy Govier - Vision Systems Design 05/2007
"Linescan camera inspects stent surfaces" by Andrew Wilson - Vision Systems Design 11/2007
"System discriminates hard-to-separate colors" by Andrew Wilson - Vision Systems Design 11/2007
"Off-the-shelf edge-blackened optics speed system integration" by Joel Bagwell - Laser Focus World 12/2007
"Edmund Optics Thrives on Imaging Applications" by Jacqueline Hewett - Optics & Laser Europe 01/2006
"Machine Vision Adapts to Harsh Environments" by Alexander Moy - Photonics Spectra 01/2008
"A lifetime in optics: A video interview with Robert Edmund" by Robert Edmund - SPIE 01/2008
"Hybrid optics offer high-end performance" by Jacqueline Hewett - Optics & Laser Europe 02/2008
"Optics Matter" by Jessica Gehlhar - Vision Systems Design 02/2008
"Machine Vision 101: Imaging Small Objects" by Bruce Butkus - Vision and Sensors 03/2008
"Imaging on impact" by Greg Blackman - Imaging and Machine Vision Europe 04/2008
"Don't overspecify machine-vision cameras" by Steve Scheiber - Test and Measurement World 04/2008
"Specifying Machine Vision Components" by Gregory Hollows - Assembly 05/2008
"Strategically Placed Cameras Track Pharmaceuticals" by Gregory Hollows - Photonics Spectra 06/2008
"An Illuminating Profile" by Gregory Hollows - Vision Systems Design 06/2008
"Complex circuits challenge cameras" by Steve Scheiber - Test and Measurement World 06/2008
"Troubleshooting Vision Systems" by Bruce Butkus - Quality 06/2008
"Optics optimizes fluorescence" by Kristin Vogt - BioOptics World 07/2008
"Innovate or Die" by Kathy Sheehan - SPIE 07/2008
"Tracking fluid flow with two channels" by Hank Hogan - BioPhotonics 08/2008
"Into the UV" by Andrew Wilson - Vision Systems Design 09/2008
"Getting inside optical filters" by Mike May - BioOptics World 09/2008
"Glasses roll aspheres into the mainstream" by Gregg Fales - Optics & Laser Europe 10/2008
"Precision Prism Manufacturing Art or Science?" by Andrew Lynch - NASA Tech Briefs 11/2008
"Take your positions..." by Gemma Church - Electro Optics 11/2008
"Sleeping with the Dragon: The yin and yang of doing business with China" by Robert Edmund - Laser Focus World 11/2008
"Edmund Optics Doubles Precision-Asphere Production Capacity" by John Wallace - Laser Focus World 12/2008
"Souping up optics with design and simulation software" by Jeremy Govier - BioOptics World 03/2009
"Optical Advances Speed Rapid Prototyping" by Amr Khalil - Design World 03/2009
"Matching Lenses and Sensors" by Gregory Hollows and Stuart Singer - Vision Systems Design 03/2009
"A Vision System for the E-Pedigree Era" by Gregory Hollows and David Pfleger - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 04/2009
"Innovation is the secret of success" by Joe McEntee - Optics & Laser Europe 06/2009
"Telecentric Illumination for Vision-System Backlighting" by Bruce Butkus - Machine Design 06/2009
"Sensor Standards Require Superior Optics" by Nicholas James - Vision and Sensors 06/2009
"Making waves" by Greg Blackman - Electro Optics 08/2009
"Shopping for a spectrometer starts with your application" by Valerie Coffey - Lase Focus World 10/2009
"Worldly Optics" by Andrew Lynch - SPIE 10/2009
"Choosing Optics for Medical Lasers" by Gregory Fales and Kristin Vogt - NASA Tech Briefs 10/2009
"Beam manipulation: prisms vs. mirrors" by Andrew Lynch and Kai Focke - Photonik 11/2009
"Specifying lenses for megapixel cameras" by Gregory Hollows and Stuart W. Singer - Vision Systems Design 11/2009
"UV OPTICS: New optical developments boost near-UV applications" by Gregory Fales - Laser Focus World 11/2009
"The key to coatings" by Greg Blackman - Electro Optics 01/2010
"Drug Tracking" by Greg Blackman - Imaging and Machine Vision Europe 01/2010
"Targeted Test" by Gregory Hollows - Vision Systems Design 03/2010
"Edmund Optics predicts gradual recovery in 2010" by Jacqueline Hewett - Optics.org 03/2010
"Using Aspheres To Increase Optical System Performance" by Scott Sparrold - NASA Tech Briefs 04/2010
"Unique Requirements Attractively Met" by Oliver Barz - Inspect 05/2010
"Creating Complex Coatings" by Iain MacMillan and Martin Weinacht - Optik + Photonik 06/2010
"Focusing on ultraviolet" by Greg Blackman - Electro Optics 06/2010
"MULTISPECTRAL IMAGING: Imaging systems can benefit from reflective optics" by Nicholas James - Laser Focus World 08/2010
"Lens quality is key in machine vision" by Ann Thryft - Test and Measurement World 08/2010
"Optical Components in Photovoltaic Production" by Amr Khalil - Laser Technik Journal 09/2010
"Why Optics Manufacturing in Japan Is Still Relevant" by Timothy Paul Kennedy and Kaz Shibata - Photonics Spectra 09/2010
"ADAPTIVE OPTICS: Just to clarify" by Greg Blackman - Electro Optics 10/2010
"Choosing a Material for Use in the Infrared" by David Henz - Photonics Spectra 11/2010
"Optical Coating Technology and Applications: Past and Present to Future" by Amber Czajkowski and Martin Weinacht - Photonik 11/2010
"OPTICAL MANUFACTURING: Life sciences can challenge optics manufacturers" by Andrew Lynch - Laser Focus World 12/2010
"Lens choices get more complicated" by Ann R. Thryft - Test and Measurement World 12/2010
"Smaller sensor pixels challenge lens design" by Ann R. Thryft - Test and Measurement World 12/2010
"Transforming standard optics into custom designs" by Andrew Fisher - Laser + Photonik 02/2014
"Photonics Market Blossoms in the Heart of Europe" by Thomas Kessler and John Cleather - SPIE (Copyright 2011 SPIE Professional Magazine, used with permission) 01/2011
"Machine Vision Market Speeds Ahead of Overall Economy" by Winn Hardin - Machine Vision Online 01/2011
"Medical Imaging with Filters and Quantum Dots" by Stephan Briggs - Spectroscopy 02/2011
"Flexible Imaging Lens Designs" by Nicholas James - Quality 03/2011
"The IR Market’s Shifting Landscape" by David Henz - Photonics Spectra 04/2011
"Creating Cost-Effective Biomedical Filters" by Amber Czajkowski - BioPhotonics 05/2011
"Designing COTS Optics Into Defense Projects" by Joel Bagwell - Defense Tech Briefs 07/2011
"Integration Insights - Into the Depths" by Gregory Hollows - Vision Systems Design 09/2011
"Talking about Edmund Optics" by Johannes Kuppe - Photonik 10/2011
"Spherical Aberration Compensation Plates" by Scott Sparrold and Anna Lansing - Photonik 11/2011
"Hybrid Optical Components Deliver Benefits for System Design" by Scott Sparrold and Geoffrey Forman - Laser Focus World 12/2011
"PRODUCT FOCUS: Optics for the life sciences" by Lee Mather - BioOptics World 01/2012
"Designing Optical Systems With Off-The-Shelf Products" by Jeremy Govier - NASA Tech Briefs 01/2012
"Using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) and Improved Filter Technology to Track Unknown Intracellular Activity via Proteins and Nucleic Acids" by Stephan Briggs - Spectroscopy 01/2012
"INFRARED IMAGING: Vineyard Monitoring System Combines Global Positioning and NIR Imaging" by Vision Systems Design - Vision Systems Design 01/2012
"MARKET INSIGHTS: Engineering and finance can partner to drive product development" by Jason Mulliner - Laser Focus World 04/2012
"Advanced Optics Deliver Drugs with IR Light" by Stephan Briggs - BioPhotonics 05/2012
"Testing the Limits: LDT considerations when selecting laser optics" by Ra'ef Mikhail - Optik + Photonik 05/2012
"Innovate Responsibly to Weather Tough Economic Times" by Todd Sierer - Photonics Spectra 06/2012
"Q&A: Selecting Lenses for Machine Vision Systems an interview with Nicholas James" by Vision and Sensors - Vision and Sensors 07/2012
"Working with Lenses Beyond the Visible" by Lucas Willis - Vision Systems Design 10/2012
"Prototyping illumination systems with stock optical components" by Edwin Diaz and Matthias Knobl - Photonik 11/2012
"Novel ophthalmic imaging with adaptive optics, confocal imaging, and OCT" by Stephan Briggs - BioOptics World 01/2013
"Simplify laser system design with dichroic filters and mirrors" by Gregory Fales - Laser Focus World 01/2013
"Use Wavelength to Your Advantage in High-Resolution Imaging" by Gregory Hollows - Vision Systems Design 01/2013
"Vision Helps Reshape Microscopy, Biomedical Imaging Convergence" by Winn Hardin - Machine Vision Online 05/2013
"Imaging Lens" by Nicholas James - Vision and Sensors 05/2013
"Everything is Illuminated" by Nicholas Sischka and Anna Lansing - Laser + Photonik 09/2013
"Integrating a Vision System" by Greg Hollows - Assembly 09/2013
"Optical Filters Improve Precision, Accuracy for Neuroscience" by Stephan Briggs - BioPhotonics 10/2013
"Improving laser optics coating" by Iain MacMillan and Matthias Knobl - Photonik 11/2013
"Understanding Lens Choices for Machine Vision Systems" by Greg Hollows - Vision System Design 12/2013
"Fabricating Custom Components from Stock Optics" by Andrew Fisher - NASA Tech Briefs 01/2015
"Advantages of Silicon for Mid-Wave Infrared Windows" by Katie Walker - Novus Light Technologies 01/2015
"Understanding telecentric illumination" by Lucas Willis - Vision Systems Design 10/2014
"Dialing It In" by Ra'ef Mikhail - R&D Magazine 10/2014
"Playing to Type: Choosing the Right Class of Lens for Machine Vision" by Nicholas James - Industrial Photonics 10/2014
"HIGH-SPEED IMAGING: Choosing components to image intracellular signals" by Stephan Briggs - BioOptics World 07/2015
"Using optical filters to enhance image contrast" by Nicholas Sischka - Vision System Design 04/2014
"MICROSCOPY: Off-the-shelf components enable a new generation of confocal microscopy" by Matthew S. Muller and Stephan Briggs - Laser Focus World 01/2014
"Selecting Industrial Laser Optics" by Ra'ef Mikhail - Industrial Photonics 01/2014
"Trends in Optics" by Marie Freebody - Photonics Spectra 01/2014
"When to Consider Inline Illumination" by Nicholas James - Quality 01/2014
"Trends in Sustainability" by Marie Freebody - Photonics Spectra 01/2015
"Design Considerations for Aspheric Lenses" by Jeremy Govier - Photonics Spectra 05/2015

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