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ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper

  • Industrial Standard Beam Profile Viewing Paper
  • Records Beam Shape, Divergence, Mode, and Intensity Profile of Pulsed Lasers
  • Suitable for Broadband Sources from UV to IR

ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper is designed to test the characteristics of pulsed laser sources from the ultraviolet to infrared. Beam characteristics are recorded by holding the ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper in the beam path. ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper is ideal for use in alignment applications or with laser optics including laser beam expanders, optical lenses, apertures, attenuators, or power meters. For continuous wave lasers, use a mechanical chopper, Q-switch, or manually switch the laser on and off rapidly to create short pulses.

Note: It may be difficult to see the beam characteristics when the input beam diameter is 1/4"/6.35mm or less. If so, use a beam expander or plano convex lens to magnify the beam diameter. If using a plano convex lens, place ZAP-IT® Laser Alignment Paper at an image distance of 2.5 times longer than the focal length of the lens.