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UV Protective Eyewear

UV Protective Eyewear (Goggles and Spectacles)

  • High Visible Light Transmission
  • Provide Protection from 254 to 365nm
  • Goggles or Spectacles Designs
  • Block UVC Wavelengths Used for UV Sanitation and Disinfection

UV Protective Eyewear provides eye protection from ultraviolet radiation between 254 to 365nm while providing optimum light transmission in the visible. This protective eyewear can also block UVC light which is used for UV sanitization and disinfection with most germicidal lamps emitting a wavelength of 254nm. UV Protective Eyewear is available as spectacles or goggles and is ideal for providing eye protection while operating UV light sources and for UVC light sources during sanitation and disinfection applications. Both types of eyewear meet the performance standards of ANSI Z87.1-1989.

Warning: Because of the potential for eye damage, the degree of protection required in each circumstance should be determined by the industrial hygienist or the individual responsible for the safety program.