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UltraFast Innovations (UFI) EUV/XUV Attosecond Multilayer Mirrors

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UltraFast Innovations (UFI) EUV/XUV Attosecond Multilayer Mirrors

UltraFast Innovations (UFI) EUV/XUV Attosecond Multilayer Mirrors

UltraFast Innovations (UFI) EUV/XUV Attosecond Multilayer Mirrors
  • Designed for 330 Attosecond Pulses @ 65eV (19nm)
  • Multilayer Coating with 38% Peak Reflectivity
  • ≤1Å (Angstrom) Surface Roughness Superpolished Substrates
  • EUV Flat Mirrors and EUV Spherical Mirrors Designed at 13.5nm Also Available
  • Available from Stock
  • No Minimum Order Quantities, No Coating Lot Charges

UltraFast Innovations (UFI) Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV/XUV) Attosecond Multilayer Mirrors are designed for steering, focusing, and shaping attosecond pulses. Their multilayer coating is centered at 65eV (19nm) with a 6eV (1.8nm) bandwidth and provides a peak reflectivity of 38% for s-polarized light. These mirrors support EUV pulses with a temporal duration of 330 attoseconds. UFI Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV/XUV) Attosecond Mirrors are ideal for attosecond pulse generation and shaping based on high harmonic generation (HHG), free electron lasers (FELs), or other quantum optical applications. 

Atomic precision ion beam deposition results in atomically-smooth coating layers. These mirrors allow for precision control of wavelength and spectral phase with high efficiency in a growing application space. Attosecond science pushes the limits of ultrafast lasers, providing access to some of the most fundamental scientific processes like the motion of electrons. EUV Mirrors are also known as XUV/Soft X-Ray Mirrors. The physical principal behind EUV Attosecond Multilayer Mirrors is the interference of reflected and scattered EUV radiation from each interface of the multilayer stack. Flat and concave mirrors with a 25.4mm diameter are available; please contact us if your application requires an EUV multilayer mirror with a customized center energy, bandwidth, or other specifications.