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NIR Wire Grid Polarizers

Photo shows 26-998 and 27-000 NIR Wire Grid Polarizers

  • Designed for 700 - 2500nm
  • High Transmission and High Contrast Versions Available
  • Ideal for Thermal Imaging

NIR Wire Grid Polarizers are broadband polarizers designed to provide high transmission from 700 - 2500nm. These polarizers are optimized as either a high contrast version, providing 5900:1 extinction ratio at 2400nm, or as a high transmission version providing up to 91% transmission at 1900nm. NIR Wire Grid Polarizers are manufactured on high-grade display glass, providing excellent heat resistance for NIR applications. When incident light strikes the wire grid, P-polarized light contacts a dielectric and is transmitted, while S-polarized light contacts a mirror and is reflected.