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Star Target

Star Targets (Glass and Photo Paper)

Star Targets (Glass and Photo Paper) Siemens Star Target, 4
  • Ideal for Detection of Focus Errors and Astigmatism
  • Frequency Range at Target Center (lp/mm) 7.14 - 229.2
  • Available on White Photographic Paper or Chrome on Glass

Star Targets are ideal for identifying focus errors, astigmatism, and other aberrations existing in an imaging system. Our 60mm diameter (#58-832 and #58-833) targets feature an unresolved core of 100μm and are ideal for high-resolution or high magnification imaging systems. Both targets are chrome on glass. Star Targets, in the 4” x 4” size, are available as chrome on glass (#46-247) or photo paper (#46-246), feature an unresolved core of 2.7mm, and are designed for mid- to low-range spatial frequencies common in macro imaging systems. These targets have a frequency range at target center (lp/mm) of 7.14-229.2.