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Rack and Pinion Stages

X-Axis Metric Stages

X-Axis Metric Stages X-Y Axis Metric Stages X-Y-Z Axis Metric Stages Z-Axis Metric Stage +4
  • Aluminum Stage with Brass Rack and Pinion
  • 20mm Travel per Knob Rotation
  • Scale Features 1mm Increments with Locking Lever
  • Basic Rack and Pinion Stages Also Available

Rack and Pinion Stages are ideal for a wide range of applications that require high load capacity and accuracy, in addition to long travel distance. Rack and Pinion Stages are available in a variety of translation axes.

Note: Use 120mm x 70mm Metric Base Plate (#54-977) to connect Rack and Pinion Stages to breadboards. Z Axis Right Angle Brackets are available for use with stages that support Z axis translation.