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Rack and Pinion Stages

X-Axis Metric Stages

X-Axis Metric Stages X-Y Axis Metric Stages X-Y-Z Axis Metric Stages Z-Axis Metric Stage +4
  • Aluminum Stage with Brass Rack and Pinion
  • 20mm Travel per Knob Rotation
  • Scale Features 1mm Increments with Locking Lever
  • Basic Rack and Pinion Stages Also Available

Rack and Pinion Stages are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring high load capacity, accuracy, and long travel distances. The knob provides coarse positioning adjustment with 20mm of travel per rotation and can be locked in place with the locking lever. These stages feature a Vernier scale with a resolution of 1mm for accurate and repeatable adjustments. Rack and Pinion Stages are available in a variety of translation axes, including Linear (X), Linear (X-Y), Linear (X-Z), Linear (X-Y-Z), and Linear (Z). 

Note: Use 120mm x 70mm Metric Base Plate (#54-977) to connect Rack and Pinion Stages to breadboards. Z Axis Right Angle Brackets are available for use with stages that support Z axis translation.