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Optotune Fast Steering Mirrors

Optotune Fast Steering Mirror, Protected Silver Coated

Optotune Fast Steering Mirror, Protected Silver Coated
  • ±50° of Optical Scanning
  • Protected Gold or Silver Coated Mirror Options
  • Compact 45mm Diameter Housing Footprint
  • Control via USB, SPI, or Analog Input

Optotune Fast Steering Mirrors provide a larger optical scanning range and mirror size than conventional galvanometers or micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) mirrors. This dual axis voice-coil mirror (VCM) has a compact footprint with a large 15mm mirror that can be adjusted with ±25° of mechanical tilt for ±50° of optical scanning range. The mirror is operated using the Optotune Cockpit GUI via USB, serial peripheral interface (SPI), or analog input. Optotune Fast Steering Mirrors are available with a protected silver or gold coating, enabling their use in both visible and near-infrared (NIR) applications. Typical applications for these fast steering mirrors include automotive LiDAR, biometric eye tracking, and field of view expansion of vision systems.

Note: #14-574 and #14-575 require #14-576 for operation. A heatsink is included with each mirror and recommended to be used to ensure proper heat-dissipation. Do not connect or disconnect the mirror head while the base unit is connected to power as this will damage the mirror driver.