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Olympus CX43 Biological Microscope

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Image shown is full assembly. Each component sold separately. See Technical Information tab for additional details.

  • Ergonomically Designed for Long Observation Periods
  • Ideal for Brightfield and Darkfield Observation of Biological Specimens
  • Trinocular Design Available for Camera Compatibility
  • Compatible with Olympus Plan Achromatic Objectives

The Olympus CX43 Biological Microscope is an ergonomically designed microscope used for brightfield and darkfield observation. This microscope system uses Olympus Plan Achromatic Objectives to provide clear, flat images and can accommodate up to five objectives in its revolving nosepiece. The integrated LED illumination produces daylight conditions with consistent color temperature at any brightness, allowing for specimens to be viewed with their natural colors, and has a long lifetime of 60,000 hours. The Olympus CX43 Biological Microscope is ideal for use in education, research, and benchtop environments to observe cells, tissues, and other biological specimens. A trinocular observation tube and camera adapters are available for digital imaging and two specimen holders are available: a plane holder that allows for the specimen to be moved freely and a double slide holder that can retain one large specimen or two specimens in place.

Technical Information

Olympus CX43 Biological Microscope
Description Stock No.
Microscope Body (Required)
CX43 Microscope Body with Fixed Condenser and LED Illumination #19-525
Observation Tube (One Required)
Binocular Observation Tube #19-526
Trinocular Observation Tube (Camera Adapter and Coupler Required) #19-527
Eyepieces (Two Required)
10X Widefield Eyepiece #19-528
Objectives (One required)
Olympus PLN 2X Objective #16-879
Olympus PLN 4X Objective #86-812
Olympus PLN 10X Objective #86-813
Olympus PLN 20X Objective #86-814
Olympus PLN 40X Objective #86-815
Olympus PLN 100X Oil Immersion Objective #86-816
Power Cable (One Required)
110V US Power Cable #19-529
220V EU Power Cable #19-530
Optional Accessories
Double Slide Holder #19-531
Plane Slide Holder #19-532
Camera Adapters (Both Required for Trinocular Observation Tube)
1X Camera Coupler #89-605
C-Mount Adapter #89-606

Olympus CX43 Biological Microscope Specifications
Objective Lens Numerical
10X Eyepiece (F.N. 20)
Magnification FOV (mm)
PLN 2X 0.06 5.80 N/A 20X 1.0
PLN 4X 0.10 18.50 N/A 40X 0.5
PLN 10X 0.25 10.60 N/A 100X 0.2
PLN 20X 0.40 1.20 N/A 200X 0.1
PLN 40X 0.65 0.60 N/A 400X 0.05
PLN 100X 1.25 0.15 Oil 1000X 0.02