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Everix Ultra-Thin OD 6.0 Notch Filters

OD 6.0 Ultra-Thin Notch Filters

OD 6.0 Ultra-Thin Notch Filters

  • OD 6.0 Blocking at Laser Wavelengths from 405 to 1064nm
  • 300µm Maximum Thickness
  • Flexible and Scratch Insensitive

Everix Ultra-Thin OD 6.0 Notch Filters have a maximum thickness of 300 microns and provide the same deep OD 6.0 blocking as traditional notch filters. Constructed from layers of ultra-thin polymers and dyes, these filters are scratch insensitive and can be flexed to conform to curved surfaces. Outside of their OD 6.0 blocking bandwidth, these filters provide high throughput with >85% average transmission. Everix Ultra-Thin OD 6.0 Notch Filters are available with center wavelengths corresponding to common laser wavelengths, including 405nm, 532nm, 633nm, 785nm, and 1064nm. These notch filters are ideal for integration into space or weight sensitive devices as well as general laser-based Raman spectroscopy systems.

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