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Multi-Function Calibration Target for Low Magnification Systems

  • Calibrates Systems from 0.08X to 4X
  • Measures MTF, DOF, Resolution, FOV, and Distortion
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included

Designed to calibrate systems from 0.08X to 4X magnification, this Multifunction Calibration Target has the ability to test many parameters of a visual system at one time, allowing more useful information to be obtained with one target. Depth of Field can be measured for a number of resolutions, allowing measurements to be made that are useful for each particular application. System MTF can be measured with frequencies from 5 lp/mm to 80 lp/mm. The target consists of two framed, 100 x 166 x 1.5mm, glass plates with chrome deposit. The second plate has a circular and grid pattern to measure planar and tilted plane distortion. The pattern is designed to make use of the entire FOV without having to move the target between measurements of each parameter, and it is designed for very high accuracy. Detailed specifications and a certificate of compliance are included. Set #58-770 includes both opal and standard chrome on glass targets.

Technical Information

Tested Parameter Pattern Size Pattern Description
Resolution/MTF 154 x 100mm 11 cycles of 5 to 40 to 5 lp/mm
Resolution/MTF 21.8 x 28mm 50 lp/mm
Resolution/MTF 21.8 x 26mm 60 lp/mm
Resolution/MTF 21.9 x 24mm 70 lp/mm
Low Mag DOF 100 x 154mm 80 lp/mm
FOV/DOF 154mm Linear Scale, 0-154mm, 0.25mm pitch
Distortion 80 x 80mm 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, & 90mm Diameter Circles
Distortion 80 x 80mm 1, 2 & 4mm Pitch
Blooming 115 x 20mm Positive and Negative Circles & Squares