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Mitutoyo Video Microscope Units (VMU)

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#89-622 + Objective

#89-622 + Objective VIS-NIR Horizontal Mitutoyo Video Microscope Unit, #89-621 #86-799 + Objective #89-621 + Objective +4
  • Designed for M26 x 36 TPI or M40 x 36 TPI Infinity Corrected Objectives
  • Maximum Sensor Size up to 2/3” or APS-C
  • Vertical and Horizontal Orientations, Brightfield and Darkfield Configurations Available
  • In-Line Fiber Illumination Port Compatible with 8mm or 1/4" (0.312") Diameter Ferrules

The Mitutoyo Video Microscope Units (VMU) are used to connect infinity corrected objectives to a C-mount or F-mount camera for quick and easy setup of microscopy systems. Providing 1X magnification, the Mitutoyo Video Microscope Unit (VMU) features an in-line illumination port for maximum contrast and simple illumination compared to epi-illumination techniques. The Brightfield VMU configurations are fitted with an adjustable iris to control light throughput without adjusting camera shutter or gain.

The Mitutoyo VMU is available in standard (for 2/3” format sensors) and widefield (for APS-C format sensors) with options for the camera port to be oriented at 90 or 180 degrees with respect to the objective. In addition to broadband versions, the VMU is also available in a specialized Nd:YAG Laser Line configuration, supporting 355, 532, and 1064nm lasers, as well as versions specifically designed for Darkfield Microscopy. Mitutoyo Video Microscope Units (VMU) utilize optics optimized for the NUV, VIS, or NIR spectra, making them ideal and directly compatible with a wide selection of Mitutoyo infinity corrected objectives.

Mitutoyo Manual Turrets are available for each VMU configuration. They feature four objective mounts which enable quick transition between multiple objectives of different magnifications. Pairing the turret with the VMU creates a flexible video imaging microscope system.