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Linear Variable Edge Filters

  • Use in Pairs to Create High Efficiency Custom Bandpass Filters
  • Optimum Input Beam Diameter of 0.2 x 8.0mm
  • OD3 Blocking
  • Linear Variable Bandpass Filters Also Available

Linear Variable Edge Filters are designed to be used individually or in pairs to selectively block or transmit targeted wavelengths. Linear Variable Edge Filters are available as longpass, shortpass, or dichroic filters. Longpass edge filters transmit wavelengths greater than the cut-on wavelength, whereas shortpass edge filters transmit wavelengths shorter than the cut-off wavelength. Dichroic edge filters operate similarly to longpass edge filters, but ensure that unwanted wavelengths are reflected. When combined, Linear Variable Edge Filters can operate as laser line filters or variable bandpass filters with tunable center wavelengths and bandwidths.