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Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles

  • CE Certified Laser Radiation Protection
  • Designs for Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared Lasers
  • Available in Goggles, Glasses, or Comfort Glasses Styles
The tool below displays a graphical interpretation of the blocking regions for the Laser Safety Eyewear products that Edmund Optics has to offer. This interactive tool will display the full blocking specification when you mouse over a row and allow you to filter the products displayed below by clicking on the row.
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Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles feature high optical density at their specified wavelength range to protect against laser radiation. The durable lenses are molded with laser-protective absorptive dyes, causing accidental scratches to have no effect on their performance. Designs that protect against ultraviolet, visible, and infrared lasers are available. All Laser Safety Eyewear products are CE certified and come with a hard case, neck cord, and microfiber cloth.

Laser Safety Eyewear are available in four styles:

Laser Safety Goggles: fit over prescription glasses and are vented to prevent fogging

Fit Over Rx Glasses: fit over prescription glasses and have side-shields for a wide field of view

Adjustable Temples, Wrap Around Frame Glasses: feature a wrap around design with adjustable temple lengths and angle

Adjustable Bridge, Wrap Around Frame Glasses: feature a wrap around design with an adjustable bridge and comfort fit temples

Warning: Because of the potential for eye damage, the degree of protection required in each circumstance should be determined by the Laser Safety Officer, the industrial hygienist, or the individual responsible for the safety program.


  What are laser safety glasses?
Laser safety glasses are constructed from filters designed to minimize dangerous exposure to laser radiation. They cover users' eyes and block certain laser wavelengths following their optical density, which describes the level of light blocking. An explanation of optical density can be found in our Understanding Neutral Density Filters application note.
  How do you care for laser safety glasses?

Laser safety eyewear can be cleaned using water and neutral cleaning agents such as a mild, household glass cleaner. They should be dried gently with a soft cloth to prevent both scratches and water spots.