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λ/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses

TECHSPEC® λ/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses

TECHSPEC® λ/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses

  • λ/40 Aspheric Surface Tolerance (RMS)
  • Guaranteed Strehl Ratio >0.8
  • Laser Line V-Coats with <0.25% Reflection

TECHSPEC® λ/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses are polished through precision magnetorheological finishing (MRF), providing them with an ultra-smooth aspheric surface with an aspheric surface tolerance of λ/40 RMS. The aberration free aspheric surfaces produced through this super-polishing process result in these aspheric lenses having diffraction-limited performance at their design wavelengths. TECHSPEC λ/40 Laser Grade Aspheric Lenses are coated with a high-performance Laser Line V-Coat to minimize reflection when used at their Nd:YAG design wavelengths. Standard imperial sizes of these laser grade aspheres with f/2 designs, made from fused silica, are available.

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