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KX InfiniMax™ Long Distance Microscope

#56-013 + #86-888

#56-013 + #86-888 #86-587 + #38-114 + #86-888 #86-587 + #85-402 + #86-888
  • Manual Iris
  • Objective Options Giving PMAG 0.58X – 2.9X
  • Clamp offers ¼-20 mounting hole
  • Optional LDL Tubes Double Magnification
  • Requires the Use of an MX Objective

InfiniMax™ is the newest addition to Infinity Photo-Optical’s line of imaging lenses designed specifically for machine vision applications. Using a patented internal focusing system, the InfiniMax™ is able to provide constant magnification over a working distance range. (Using MX-3 through MX-6 objectives only. Working distance range varies by objective.) The MX-1 and MX-2 provide fields of view on the order of 10mm at distances over 10" away, but do not provide constant magnification over the working distance range. The included variable iris diaphragm can be used to adjust light intensity and increase depth of field. Interchangeable objectives thread onto main body. LDL and LFA adapters connect directly to C-Mount. LFA provides coverage for large format cameras (F-Mount adapter included, 24 x 36mm max sensor).

Note: The InfiniMax® requires the use of an MX objective below.

Technical Information

Objective MX-1 MX-2 MX-3 MX-4 MX-5 MX-6
Primary Magnification 0.58 - 0.64X 0.78 - 0.81X 1.00X 1.16X 1.42X 2.90X
Field of View (½" Sensor Horiz.) 11.1 - 10.1mm 8.2 - 7.9mm 6.4mm 5.5mm 4.5mm 2.2mm
Working Distance 381 - 315mm 285 - 250mm 194 - 174mm 181 - 164mm 146 - 134mm 68 - 65mm
Size (Max Diameter x L) 52 x 32mm 52 x 32mm 52 x 64mm 52 x 32mm 52 x 32mm 52 x 26.2mm