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In-Line Illumination C-Mount Telecentric Lenses

  • Fiber Optic Input for In-line Illumination
  • Long Working Distance
  • 2/3” Max Sensor Format

This compact series of telecentric lenses offers a versatile solution for many applications. The compact size and long working distance are necessary for some environments. Each lens offers an in-line illumination port that accepts a ¼” fiber optic light guide. In-line illumination is convenient for situations in which there is no room for light sources between the lens and the object under test. Although contrast may decrease compared to other lighting techniques, the 1X through 6X lenses offer extremely even in-line illumination over a 10mm horizontal sensor size. These lenses offer the same measuring advantages as our other telecentric lenses. They correct perspective errors throughout the depth of field to avoid changes in magnification. This correction is vital to the majority of automated measurement applications. M3 set screws are incorporated in the in-line illumination port to secure the light guide. Each lens also includes a lockable ring to rotate the lens and ensure alignment with the camera sensor.

Note: ¼" Fiber optic light guides are sold separately.

Technical Information

Magnification A B C D
0.5X 170mm 25mm 113mm 40mm
0.75X 160mm 42mm 86mm 29.5mm
1X 137mm 34mm 71mm 29.5mm
2X 110mm 33mm 45mm 17mm
3X 100mm 23mm 45mm 17mm
4X 110mm 33mm 45mm 17mm
5X 115mm 38mm 45mm 17mm
6X 120mm 43mm 45mm 17mm