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First Surface Mirrors

  • Wide Variety of Shapes and Sizes Available
  • Enhanced Aluminum, Protected Gold, and Protected Silver Coatings  for high reflectivity from 450-10000nm  
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TECHSPEC® First Surface Mirrors feature a high reflectivity coating deposited on the front surface of the glass substrate. The mirrors are available in enhanced aluminum, protected gold, and protected silver coatings for high reflectivity from 450-10000nm. The coated surface should be oriented to reflect incident light. TECHSPEC First Surface Mirrors are offered in circular, square, and rectangular dimensions. First surface mirrors are ideal for applications requiring the mirror to be mounted at 45° in order to produce a 90° bend in the light path. These first surface mirrors easily mount into a range of optical mounts to facilitate application integration.  

Note:  A range of mounts specifically compatible with individual TECHSPEC® First Surface Mirrors can be found on product web pages.