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Fiber Coupled Broadband LED Light Source

  • 420 - 900nm Illumination with Converted LED
  • Up to 20mW Output Power from a 1mm Multimode Fiber
  • Light Coupling with 50µm – 1mm Core Diameter Multimode Fibers
  • Ideal for Spectroscopy Applications

The Fiber Coupled Broadband LED Light Source utilizes a VIS/NIR phosphor converter to convert the output of a 450nm LED chip into a broad 420 – 900nm spectrum. This light source provides highly efficient coupling with SMA connected multimode fibers with diameters of 50µm to 1mm and a numerical aperture (NA) up to 0.50, and features an output up to 20mW with a 1mm, 0.5 NA fiber. Featuring a built-in microprocessor, this light source can also be operated as a free-running stroboscope with an adjustable duty cycle and frequency up to 1kHz. The Fiber Coupled Broadband LED Light Source is a powerful alternative to halogen light sources and is ideal for VIS/NIR spectroscopy applications such as protein characterization, oxygen monitoring in marine ecosystems, and respiratory gas analysis. This light source can be controlled manually with the multifunctional rotating knob, directly via programming though a serial RS232 interface or with the provided user-friendly software interface.