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Edmund Optics® Autocollimator

  • 5 Arcmin Resolution
  • Economical Design
  • ¼-20 Tap Hole for Mounting to Optical Bench Posts

The Edmund Optics® Autocollimator is comprised of an achromatic objective, a light source, a reticle, a beamsplitter, and an eyepiece with a reticle calibrated in small angle increments. The reticle pattern, a crosshair, is projected onto a reflective surface. The returning reflected beam is diverted, via the beamsplitter, to the calibrated eyepiece. The deviation in angle from the perpendicularity of the reflective surface is precisely measured at the eyepiece. The Edmund Optics Autocollimator has many applications, such as measuring extremely small angles and calibrating and aligning various optical instruments and components. Other uses include measuring small deflections and vibrations. 
The autocollimator has a ¼-20 tap hole for mounting to optical bench posts and positioning equipment. It can also be mounted in a V-block or ring mount (tube O.D. is 1.85"). The Tubular Lamp Assembly is a self-contained unit comprising a precision reticle and a long-life lens-end lamp. The compact tubular configuration provides versatility to use as a light source for an optical instrument or as an optical test accessory. As a test accessory, it can be readily mounted in a “V” or ring mount used in conjunction with an optical bench or table.