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Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit

Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit

  • Used to Combine Two OBIS™ Lasers
  • Easy to Align
  • Intuitive Design
  • Optics and Lasers Sold Separately

The Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit includes all mechanics necessary to easily combine two OBIS™ lasers, while maintaining a small footprint. This kit allows for combining any two OBIS™, but is ideal for combining two OBIS™ lasers of the same wavelength in order to double the power of your application. The Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit does not include optics or lasers. To create a complete beam combining system, the following is required: the Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit, two 25mm diameter mirrors, one 25mm polarizing cube beamsplitter, and two OBIS™ Lasers.

Note: Optics and lasers sold separately.

Technical Information

Cage OBIS™ Combining Kit - Contents
Description Stock No. Quantity
TECHSPEC® 90° Kinematic Adapter #34-248 2
TECHSPEC® Coherent® OBIS™ Heat Sink #34-249 2
TECHSPEC® 25/25.4mm Diameter Kinematic Mount, 3-Screws #58-854 2
TECHSPEC® 30mm ID Standard Cage Plate with ¼-20 for Post Mounting #85-631 6
TECHSPEC® 6mm Diameter x 75mm Length, M3, Cage Support Rod #85-487 8
TECHSPEC® 25mm ID Standard Cage Plate with ¼-20 for Post Mounting #85-633 1
TECHSPEC® Cage Sphere with (5) 30mm Ports and (1) 43mm Port #85-624 1
TECHSPEC® 25/25.4mm Cube Beamsplitter Mount #85-688 1
TECHSPEC® 2" Post Holder and #03-655, Post Holder Assembly #59-006 2
TECHSPEC® 3" Length, ¼-20 Stud, Steel Post #59-754 2