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C-Mount Manual Objective Turrets

  • C-Mount Tube System Compatibility for Creating Modular Microscope System
  • Four Objective Positions
  • Mitutoyo and Nikon Objective Compatibility

C-Mount Manual Objective Turrets are ideal for creating modular microscope systems using standard C-Mount Tube System Components. Edmund Optics’ broad range of C-mount Tube System Components offers maximum versatility when designing a microscope system, with direct C-Mount camera compatibility for imaging integration. With additional accessories, these objective turrets can be adapted to S-Mount, T-Mount, ID1 (SM1), and Multi-Element Tube Systems, expanding their potential uses. C-Mount Manual Objective Turrets are offered with M26 x 0.706 threads for Mitutoyo Objectives and M25 x 0.75 threads for Nikon Objectives. Each turret has four objective positions to maximize imaging system flexibility.

Line Art - #19-533
Line Art - #19-534