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Large Diameter Gimbal Optical Mirror Mounts

  • Gimbal Movement for Precision Tip and Tilt Alignment
  • Compatible with 4”, 4.25”, 6” and 8” Diameter Optics
  • Direct Mounting to English and Metric Breadboards for System Integration
  • Precision Gimbal Mounts for Smaller Optics Also Available

Large Diameter Gimbal Optical Mirror Mount are ideal for integrating large diameter precision mirrors or other optical components into OEM and benchtop systems. These gimbal mirror mounts are compatible with 4.25” (with an included adapter for 4”), 6”, and 8” diameter optics. Gimbal movement centers the axes of rotation on the optical surface, which when combined with micrometer driven precision tip and tilt adjustment, allows for accurate control of the beam path. Large Diameter Gimbal Optical Mirror Mounts feature mounting slots for direct breadboard mounting at either parallel to or 45° to the beam path. The mounting slots are compatible with both M6 and ¼”-20 mounting hardware.

Technical Information

Optic Diameter (mm)

Optic Diameter (inches)


Clear Aperture (mm)


Max. Optic Thickness (mm)


Optical Axis Height (inches)


Optical Axis Height (mm)


101.6/108.0 4/4.25 92 20 3.5 88.9
152.4 6 140 30 4.5 114.3
203.2 8 190 40 6.25 158.8