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Precision Gimbal Mounts

  • Precision Micrometer Movement
  • Coarse Angular Translation, 360°
  • Fine Angular Translation, 0.25mm Pitch
  • Color Coded Knobs for Pitch and Roll
  • Posts and Post Holders Required for Mounting

Ideal for positioning applications where the position of the center of the optic must remain stationary as it is tilted (i.e., laser mirror turning). Mount features: precision micrometer movement, coarse angular translation (360°), fine angular translation (0.25mm pitch) and color coded knobs for pitch and roll. Sturdy, rugged, black anodized aluminum construction. Posts and Post Holders are required for mounting to a breadboard.

Technical Information

Clear Aperture (CA) A B C D E (Max. Thickness of Compatible Optics) F Stock No.
9.5 73 30 49 71 6 29 #84-640
22 73 30 49 71 6 29 #54-999
46 94 40 59 91 11 30 #55-000

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