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TECHSPEC® λ/20 PCX Lenses Provide Minimal Wavefront Distortion

Ideal for high precision laser and metrology applications

1/30/2015, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces its new TECHSPEC® λ/20 PCX Lenses. These lenses are ideal for a wide range of uses requiring minimal wavefront distortion, including laser and metrology applications.

Precision Fused Silica Substrate

TECHSPEC λ/20 PCX Lenses feature a precision fused silica substrate, λ/20 surface accuracy and impressive 20-10 surface quality -- all characteristics needed for high precision use in demanding environments. These RoHS-compliant lenses have a wavelength range of 0.2 – 2.2 μm and a clear aperture of 24.

Full Data Package Included

Each TECHSPEC λ/20 PCX Lens is available with a full data package that includes interferogram and measured results for diameter, radius, center thickness and centration. The precision PCX Lenses are offered uncoated with a 25 mm diameter and focal lengths of 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. TECHSPEC λ/20 PCX Lenses are in-stock and available for immediate delivery for fast turnaround and excellent value.

Stop by Booth #1615 to see TECHSPEC λ/20 PCX Lenses on display during Photonics West, February 10-12, The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA.

Ideal for light collimation or focusing applications utilizing monochromatic illumination. Laser line or broadband anti-reflection coating options.

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