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Edmund Optics® CA Series Lenses Awarded VSD 2020 Innovators Award for Leading Movement to New Mounting Interface

7/9/2020, Barrington, NJ USA   —

Edmund Optics®, the premier provider of optical and imaging components, is proud to announce that their TECHSPEC® CA Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses were awarded a Silver-Level 2020 VSD Innovators Award in the lighting, lenses and optics category. Honorees of the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards are recognized for originality, fulfilling an unmet market need, and significantly impacting designers, system integrators, or end users of machine vision technology.

The TECHSPEC® CA Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are optimized to take full advantage of new APS-C and other large sensor formats. They are leading an industry movement to a new type of mount between C-Mount and F-Mount: the TFL-I Mount. Camera companies are following suit and have begun releasing standard cameras featuring the TFL-I Mount.

New sensor formats, including 1.2 inch, 4/3 inch, and APS-C sensors, are too large to be fully utilized by C-Mount lenses. Stray light is introduced as the sensor approaches the edges of the camera’s mechanical mount, worsening system performance through hotspots or glare. F-Mount is larger and more costly than necessary for these new sensors. It also can introduce misalignment between an imaging system’s optical and mechanical axes and underperform, the result of tradeoffs made during its design to cover even larger full-frame sensors.

The TFL-I Mount introduced by the CA Series is a much-needed middle ground between C-Mount and F-Mount. TFL-I Mount has a M35 x 0.75 metric threading and can offer the same robustness and ease of use as a C-mount, but its larger internal diameter allows it to cover larger sensor formats. It also features a shorter flange distance than F-Mount, providing improved performance with a more compact design than that of an F-Mount.

The TECHSPEC® CA Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are the first commercially available lenses featuring the TFL-I Mount, driving more widespread adoption in the industry. Already, LUCID Vision Labs and Allied Vision have introduced standard TFL-I Mount cameras. These new cameras and the CA Series Lenses address a previously unfulfilled need in the market, allowing machine vision integrators to take full advantage of the next generation of sensors.

"Being recognized for innovation in the industry is an honor, and we greatly appreciate receiving this award from Vision Systems Design," said Gregory Hollows, Vice President of the Imaging Business Unit at Edmund Optics. "Our goal is to continually develop new technologies and solutions to address our customers’ constantly evolving needs."

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