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Stability Ruggedized Imaging Lenses


Minimize Pixel Shift After Shock and Vibration


Ruggedized Versions of Top-Performing Edmund Optics® Designed and Manufactured Lenses


Robust Mechanics with a Simplified Focus


Internal Lens Elements Glued in Place to Maintain Optical Pointing Stability

Stability Ruggedized Lenses


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Why Stability Ruggedization?

Ruggedized Lenses Line Art
As an imaging system shakes, lens elements decenter and the image produced on the camera sensor also shakes, causing the image to shift onto different pixels. Movement in our C Series Lens exaggerated for illustrative purposes.
Ruggedized Lenses Line Art
The Stability Ruggedized Cr Series Lenses utilize the same core optical design of the C Series Lenses. However, the Cr Series Lenses minimize pixel shift during shock and vibration by gluing internal lens elements inside the lens barrel, resulting in a stationary image.

Pixel Shift After 50G Shock

comparison of pixel shift after 50G shock
While the C Series Fixed Focal Length Lens (standard imaging lens) on the left performs well, the pixel shift after 50G of shock is more than a pixel. Under the same amount of shock, the Stability Ruggedized Cr Series Lens has less than 1µm of pixel shift – much smaller than the size of a pixel.

Edmund Optics® Stability Ruggedized Lenses

Cr Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

  • Ruggedized Versions
    of our C Series Lenses
  • 5 MegaPixel C-Mount Lenses for up to 2/3” Sensors
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Rugged Blue Series M12 Lenses

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HPr Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

  • High Performance Ruggedized (HPr) Versions of our HP Series Lenses
  • 5-16 MegaPixel C-Mount Lenses for up to 1.1” Sensors
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