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Precision Air Slits

Unmounted Precision Air Slit
Mounted Precision Air Slit

Unmounted Precision Air Slit

Mounted Precision Air Slit

  • Mounted Version Provides Secure Mechanical Support
  • Used in Optical Systems and Educational Efforts
  • Ideal for Spectrophotometer Image Analysis

Used in optical systems and educational efforts. By scanning across the focal point, MTF and point spread function can be calculated. More commonly used in light aperturing, spectrophotometer image analysis, and various optical experiments. 3/8" (9.5mm) stainless steel disc.

Use our Precision Pinhole Mount to easily integrate unmounted pinholes into a variety of mechanical components.

Mounted Precision Air Slits

Our Precision Apertures are available in aperture mounts for a secure mechanical support. The mounts also fit into various optical assemblies. Each 9.5mm diameter pinhole is sealed within a 25mm diameter black-anodized aluminum mount. Mount is clearly labeled with aperture size for easy identification. Note: Aperture Centering to Mount ±125μm.