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LightPath® Fiber Optic Collimators

Fiber Optic Collimator and Focuser Assemblies

Fiber Optic Collimator and Focuser Assemblies

  • Easy to Integrate
  • Models for FC/PC, FC/APC, and SMA Connections Available
  • Four Wavelength Ranges Covering 350-1600nm

LightPath® Fiber Optic Collimators are designed to collimate light exiting a fiber to a desired beam diameter or spot size or to focus light into a fiber when used in reverse. The lenses are diffraction limited, so they can achieve spot sizes down to a few microns. Lenses also feature an antireflection coating for low back reflection. LightPath® Fiber Optic Collimators are designed so that they can be used in pairs to couple the input and output light of optical devices. Optimum performance for long-term use is ensured by the factory set and tested lens alignment. Typical applications can include use with fiber coupled lasers and pigtailed receptacles, as well as communications and data transfer.

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