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Edmund Lens Cleaner

  • Used in Edmund Optics Manfacturing Facilities
  • Safe for Glass and Plastic Optics
  • Available Individually and by the Case

Edmund Lens Cleaner cleans glass or hard plastic safely, quickly, and effectively. Simply apply and wipe clean. This concentrated lens cleaner is the same one used in EO’s optical production facility. Unlike similar fluids, it cleans without leaving a residue and does not exhibit an unpleasant odor. Edmund Lens Cleaner is slow drying, making it ideal for precision lens, window, or prism cleaning. Store the cleaner between 40° and 100° Fahrenheit. One lens cleaner bottle is 8 oz. 

Note: Hazardous material or contents under pressure. This product cannot be shipped by air. No express delivery is available. Please contact us for the most up-to-date MSDS information.