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Nikon 200mm Tube Lens

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#58-520: Nikon 200mm Tube Lens

#58-520: Nikon 200mm Tube Lens

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Field Number (mm):
Focal Length FL (mm):
Length (mm):
Maximum Diameter (mm):
Model Number:
Mounting Threads:
M38 x 0.5
Tube Lens
Wavelength Range (nm):
400 - 700
Entrance Pupil Diameter (mm):

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Excellent Color Reproduction
  • Long Working Distance and High NA
  • High Contrast with Minimal Flare
  • Strain Free

Nikon CFI60 Infinity Corrected Brightfield Objectives are designed to meet advanced imaging requirements and are the culmination of Nikon’s optical technology. The Nikon CFI60 Infinity Corrected Brightfield Objectives offer increased brightness and the highest possible combination of working distance and numerical aperture (for light gathering ability) due to the 60mm parfocal distance and a large barrel diameter. Designed to correct lateral and axial chromatic aberrations over the entire field of view, these objectives produce high contrast and high resolution images.

The accessory tube lens (#58-520) can be used to focus light from the infinity corrected objective onto the image plane. For optimal performance, the distance between the tube lens and the objective’s shoulder should be kept within 100-200mm. This spacing allows accessories to be inserted in the optical path to accommodate specific needs. This tube lens can be integrated into C-Mount systems using the Nikon Tube Lens to C-Mount Holder (#11-150).

Note: The four socket head cap screws must be removed to place the tube lens within the Nikon Tube Lens to C-Mount Holder.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Technical Information

  5X 10X 20X 50X 100X
A 29.0mm 29.0mm 29.0mm 30.0mm 30.0mm
B 36.3mm 42.4mm 40.9mm 48.9mm 55.4mm
C 20.0mm 17.0mm 22.5mm 21.5mm 21.5mm