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Adjustment Screw for TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts

Adjustment Screw for TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts, #58-881

Adjustment Screw for TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts, #58-881

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Type of Accessory:
Adjustment Screw
Size of Compatible Mount (mm):
12.5/12.7 and 25.0/25.4 Optic Mounts, 50/50.8 Table Platform

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Fine Adjustment Screw Threads: 100 TPI
  • Tip/Tilt Range: ±5 degrees
  • Fingercuts Allow Improved Component Edge Access
  • Compatible for English/Metric Equivalent Component Sizes
  • Removable Turning Knobs for Hex Key Access
  • 12.5mm Mounts Share Interchangeable Platform with 25mm Mounts

Our family of TECHSPEC® Kinematic Mounts includes both Optical Mounts and Mounting Table platforms. Each Mount features high accuracy adjustment screws in either 2-Adjustment screw or 3-Adjustment screw versions. 3-screw versions allow for additional translation in the optical axis. Optical holders are available for the most common sizes of English or metric optical components. In addition, C-Thread and T-Thread versions are compatible with our well-known line of mounting components, offering more than 30 additional mounting size options. Horizontal Adapters allow for quick conversion and maximized clear apertures (19.05 and 38.1mm diameters).

Adjustment Knobs are removable for Allen Key adjustment (2mm key size). Locking nylon-tipped set-screws are all common for easy adjustment (1.5mm hex key included).

Construction materials ensure quality and repeatability. Stainless steel inserts are used for all adjustment screw contact surfaces (compared to commonly used cheaper frame cuts or steel rods, or only one steel contact surface). Specially designed dampening grease for our adjustment screws provides smooth movement and a quality "feel". Nylon contact rods and screws ensure your optical components are not chipped. Brass bushings provide long-term durability with our stainless steel screws.

Note: #58-882 Adjustment screw is only designed for use with 50/50.8mm size Optic Holders, T-Thread Holders, and large (75/76.2mm) Kinematic Platforms. Use with 25/25.4mm size holders, C-Thread Holders, or small Kinematic Platforms will result in damage to the springs.

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