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5" square English/Metric Adapter

Stock #55-384
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Compatible Breadboard:
Length (inches):
Thickness (inches):
Width (inches):
See Figure B
Mounting Threads:
(14) ¼-20, (2) M6 S.H.C.S Slots, (1) ¼ and M6 S.H.C.S C'bore
Anodized Aluminum

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Connects Metric/English Components to English/Metric Breadboards
  • Standard ¼-20 or M6 x 1.0 Holes and Slots
  • Center C’bore Can Be Used for ¼ or M6 S.H.C.S.
  • Large and Small Sizes
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Construction

Metric-English adapter plates are designed to connect our new Metric components to English breadboards while English-Metric adapter plates connect English components to Metric breadboards. These adapter plates are universal and can also be used to connect rotary stages, translation stages, and lab jacks together. See drawings for more details. For versatility, center counterbore is designed to accept both ¼ and M6 socket head cap screws. Both are available in large 5" square or 2.5" square sizes.

Technical Information

Type A B C D E Mounting Thread F Slots for S.H.C.S Stock No.
Figure A 50.0mm 25.4mm 50.8mm 25.0mm M6 x 1.0 ¼ #55-383
Figure A 2" 0.984" 1.969" 1" ¼ M6 #55-385
Figure B 101.6mm 25.8mm 101.6mm 25.0mm M6 x 1.0 ¼ #55-382
Figure B 4" 0.969" 3.937" 1" ¼-20 M6 #55-384