Coherent® Diamond Series CO2 Laser 1322624 | 40W

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Coherent® Diamond C-Series CO2 Laser

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Note: This item requires accessories for use | Learn More
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Operating Temperature (°C):
5 to 40
Power Stability (%):
Dimensions (mm):
425 x 92.5 x 154.5
Wavelength (nm):
Weight (lbs):
Mode Quality, M2:
Power Supply:
Power Supply Required and Sold Separately:
USA: #17-206
Europe: #17-206
Japan: #17-206
Korea: #
China: #17-206
Storage Temperature (°C):
-10 to +60 Non-Condensing
Cooling Method:
Output Power (W):
Max. Case Temperature: 60°C
Beam Diameter Tolerance (mm):
Beam Diameter (mm):
Output Type:
Free Space
Beam Divergence (mrad):
Laser Class - CDRH:
Model Number:
Bandwidth (nm):
10,550 - 10,630
Operating Duty Cycle:
0 to 100% DC
Frequency (kHz):
0 to 100

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 224:
Certificate of Conformance:

Product Family Description

  • Superior Beam Quality and Power Stability for Improved Process Quality
  • Fully Sealed Integrated Package with Built-in RF Power Supply
  • Wide Power Range with CW or Pulse Width Modulation Control

Coherent® Diamond C-Series CO2 Lasers offer reliability with more than 50k operating hours, along with superior beam quality and stability. These lasers are ideal for a wide range of applications from marking and engraving to material processing. Coherent® Diamond C-Series CO2 Lasers offer a compact option with an integrated RF power supply. Maximum output power ranges from 20 to 40 watts, and can be controlled through pulse width modulation (PWM).

Note: Power supply (#17-206) and Controller (#37-079) are required for operation.