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3.9mm CA, A-39N0 Corning® Varioptic® Variable Focus Liquid Lens

Corning® Varioptic® Variable Focus Liquid Lenses

Corning® Varioptic® Variable Focus Liquid Lenses

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Clear Aperture CA (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Focus Range:
-5 to +15 diopter
Model Number:
Corning® Varioptic® A-39N0
Operating Temperature (°C):
-20 to +60
Thickness (mm):
Specialty Lens
Storage Temperature (°C):
-40 to +85
Transmitted Wavefront Error, RMS:

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
REACH 201:

Product Family Description

  • Vary Focal Length by Applied Voltage
  • Ideal for Machine Vision Autofocus Applications
  • Less Power Required than Traditional Autofocus Lenses
  • Development Kits and Lenses with Thermistor Available

Corning® Varioptic® Variable Focus Liquid Lenses consist of a conductive liquid deposited on a flat, conductive substrate. Applying a voltage between the substrate and the liquid causes an insulated material within the liquid to change shape, yielding a variable focal length. These lenses are designed with a stable optical axis, can operate regardless of orientation, and feature AR Coatings optimized for excellent transmission between 400 and 700nm. Corning® Varioptic® Variable Focus Liquid Lenses are ideal for autofocus applications, and with no moving parts, they are faster, more durable, and consume less power than traditionally actuated autofocus lenses. The 1.6mm aperture lens is the smallest liquid lens currently available and is specifically designed for ultra-compact cameras, such as barcode scan engines or industrial and medical endoscopes. A 2.5mm aperture lens for high speed applications and a 3.9mm aperture lens for long focal lengths, large sensor sizes, and laser applications are also available. Development kits include lenses, drive electronics, cables, and software for easy use and integration via USB-A connection. Liquid lenses with a thermistor (temperature-dependent resistors) for temperature sensitive applications are also available.

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