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30" x 48", Low Profile Lab Table

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Length (inches):
Width (inches):
Thickness (inches):
Vibration Rating:
5 Hz: Vertical = 70 - 85%, Horizontal = 75 - 90%
10 Hz: Vertical = 90 - 97%, Horizontal = 90 - 97%
Weight (lbs):
Mounting Threads:
¼-20 on 1" Centerline
Load Capacity (lbs):
Height (inches):
Flatness (inches):
Feed Pressure (psi):
80 (nitrogen or air)
Top: Stainless Steel
Core: All Steel, High Density, Cell-Sized Honeycomb Core
Frame: Medium Texture Black Powder Coat

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Greater Than 90% Isolation Efficiency
  • Superior Honeycomb Structure
  • Low Profile Thickness of 2”
  • Stainless Steel, Oil-free, Spill Proof Optical Top

Low Profile Laboratory Tables designed for applications that demand high resolution and precision provide an excellent vibration-free work surface for loads up to 350lb. The Gimbal Piston™ isolators utilize patented pneumatic isolation techniques that are highly responsive to low-amplitude floor vibrations. Large disturbances, such as sudden load changes, are also eliminated within a few seconds. Both horizontal and vertical isolation are achieved down to very low input levels. The table top features a patented spill-proof, drilled and tapped mounting hole array available in ¼-20 on 1" spacing or M6 on 25mm spacing. The spill proof top prevents penetration of the core of the table when hazardous chemicals are used. The stainless steel top construction features a highly dense, small cell-sized honeycomb design that provides stiffer and improved dampening with isolation efficiency greater than 90%. Sturdy aluminum height control valves allow for simple and precise manual height adjustment (±6mm) without the need of tools. Table legs include built-in fine thread screw jack levers that provide 13mm of travel for external adjustment. The base features a slightly domed shape to assure solid, wobble-free contact with the floor. Casters provide ease of transportation.

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