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Ti:Sapphire Flat Top Beam Shaper 12mm | πShaper 12_12_TiS_HP

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AdlOptica πShaper Flat Top Beam Shapers

AdlOptica πShaper Flat Top Beam Shapers

AdlOptica πShaper Flat Top Beam Shapers	Flat Top Beam Shaper Aligner, #34-313
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Design Wavelength DWL (nm):
Wavelength Range (nm):
700 - 900
Beam Shaper
Diameter (mm):
Length (mm):
Model Number:
πShaper 12_12_TiS_HP
Weight (g):
Damage Threshold, Pulsed:
3000 mJ/cm2 @ 5ns (typical)
Entrance Beam Diameter, 1/e2 (mm):
12.0 - 12.1
Output Diameter, FWHM (mm):
Mounting Threads:
M27 x 1
Flat Top

Regulatory Compliance

RoHS 2015:
Reach 223:

Product Family Description

AdlOptica πShaper (piShaper) Flat Top Beam Shapers are refractive field mapping optical systems that convert collimated Gaussian input beams into collimated flat top beams with a uniform intensity distribution and flat phase front. Due to the field mapping optical design, the even intensity distribution of the converted beam is stable over great distances making it ideally suitable for holography, microscopy, and system integration. With no internal focusing, they are also the perfect solution in applications such as material micromachining, welding, and engraving that require high power lasers. These AdlOptica πShaper Flat Top Beam Shapers are offered in common YAG, fiber laser, and CO2 laser sources, operating over a defined wavelength range for laser tuning. Achromatic versions are designed to be used with multiple laser sources.

Note: Focusing a flat-top beam after a πShaper results in loss of the flat top profile.  AdlOptica Focal-πShaper Q Flat Top Beam Shapers are available for applications that require a focused flat top spot.

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Technical Information

Technical Information