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0.40X SilverTL™ Telecentric Lens

0.40X Magnification

0.40X Magnification

Stock #56-677
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Primary Magnification PMAG:
Maximum Sensor Format:
FOV @ Max Sensor Format, H x V (mm):
18.0 x 13.5
Working Distance (mm):
Aperture (f/#):
f/6 - f/22
425 - 675nm BBAR
Telecentric Lens
Anodized Aluminum
Depth of Field (mm):
±3.0 at f/10 (20% @ 20 lp/mm)
Horizontal Field of View, 1/2" Sensor:
Horizontal Field of View, 1/3" Sensor:
Horizontal Field of View, 1/1.8" Sensor:
Filter Thread:
M43 x 0.75 (Female)
Length excluding Threads (mm):
Maximum Diameter (mm):
Number of Elements (Groups):
7 (4)
Numerical Aperture NA, Object Side:
Resolution, Image Space MTF @ f/10:
>40% @ 40 lp/mm
Stock No. of Mounting Clamp:
#56-870 Sold Separately
Typical Distortion @ 588nm (%):
Typical Telecentricity @ 588nm (°):
Weight (g):
Working Distance Tolerance (mm):

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • <0.1° Telecentricity
  • Double Sided Telecentric Designs
  • High Light Throughput f/6 Designs
  • Designed for ½” and 2/3” Sensor Formats

TECHSPEC® SilverTL™ Telecentric Lenses are ideal for both on-line and off-line machine vision production applications that require accurate measurements. These lenses combine high quality optics with a simplified non-focusing mechanical design and adjustable iris with a locking set screw. TECHSPEC® SilverTL™ Telecentric Lenses are designed for metrology and gauging applications and offer inline illumination options for maximum versatility. Each lens also features a standard front filter thread for use with color filters, polarizers, protective windows, and illumination adapters for LED or fiber-optic ring lights.

Note: Mounting brackets are available that fit the 30mm diameter mounting surface.

Technical Information

Stock NumberPrimary Mag.Max. Diameter AMounting Diameter BLength CMounting Length DMounting Offset EFilter Thread F
#56-6750.16X65mm30mm191mm50mm43mmM62 x 0.75
#63-0730.20X60mm30mm188mm42mm45mmM58 x 0.75
#56-6760.25X48mm30mm158mm49mm44mmM46 x 0.75
#58-4280.30X46mm30mm158mm60mm43mmM43 x 0.75
#56-6770.40X45mm30mm159mm67mm33mmM43 x 0.75
#63-0740.50X40mm30mm153mm42mm68mmM37 x 0.75
#88-344 (In-Line)156.2mm45.1mm73.4mm
#56-6780.60X42mm30mm156mm57mm46mmM40.5 x 0.5
#67-7310.75X36mm30mm151.2mm34mm*82.2mmM30.5 x 0.5
#88-346 (In-Line)155.2mm46.2mm16.9mm
#58-4301.0X40mm30mm114mm32mm*17mmM37 x 0.75
#58-4312.0X45mm30mm141mm45mm17mmM43 x 0.75
#88-348 (In-Line)144.6mm42.2mm18.8mm
#58-4324.0X61mm30mm249mm99mm17mmM58 x 0.75

*Mounting clamp fits over iris

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