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Case Study:
Revolutionizing Burn Care
by Using Real-Time Data and Artificial Intelligence

The future of medical treatment depends on optics-based, non-invasive diagnostics, especially for the treatment of severe burns.

DeepView® by SpectralMD™

SpectralMD is a medical imaging company whose key project is called the DeepView Wound Imaging System, which utilizes a combination of optics, real-time data, and artificial intelligence to perform non-contact diagnosis of burns. Anyone who has experienced a severe burn can attest to the importance of non-contact when dealing with burns.

SpectralMD's mission is to revolutionize wound care by using real-time data and artificial intelligence. Their DeepView imaging system uses color and light to innovate wound care by making it faster, more reliable, and more predictable. SpectralMD strives to bring the DeepView to market with over 90% accuracy. To put this in perspective, burn experts are only 70% accurate in burn depth assessments, and non-burn specialists are less than 50% accurate. Their DeepView system is used primarily in burn wound imaging for mass casualty countermeasure, using wide-field imaging along with artificial intelligence.  

Front-facing view of the DeepView imaging system and user interface
Figure 1: Front-facing view of the DeepView imaging system and user interface
Burn experts are only 70% accurate in burn depth assessments; SpectralMD is striving to bring the DeepView to market with over 90% accuracy.1

This is where SpectralMD™ turned
to Edmund Optics®

Edmund Optics® (EO) off-the-shelf optics and optomechanics were perfect for SpectralMD’s application requirements. EO’s design support, including the detailed CAD files that enabled the design of custom optics by SpectralMD, made it possible to have an excellent collaborative relationship between the two companies. Since, however, SpectralMD was a startup company, they decided to leverage EO’s StartUP program to get an extra 10% discount and the dedicated technical support that comes along with the program. Our dedicated StartUP representatives were able to assist them in manufacturing custom optics, modifying stock optics, coring/dicing, and assuring that the quality of optics met their specifications.  

SpectralMD’s wound imaging system in use
Figure 2: SpectralMD’s wound imaging system

SpectralMD’s Growth

From 2018-2019, SpectralMD grew significantly, and once they moved to volume production, they were able to leverage the volume discount that EO provides (which often reaches ~20%), instead of the StartUP discount of 10%. Since their growth led to an increase in their technical expertise, and they no longer needed the discount, they graduated from EO’s StartUP program.

What are They Doing Now?

In 2019, SpectralMD received an FDA breakthrough device designation and have secured a four-year grant made possible by the products and services provided by EO. They will be much missed as a StartUP member, and the StartUP team looks forward to seeing them succeed with the help of EO’s managed team!

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