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X-Y Positioning Stages

#12-694 assembled with either #12-692 or #12-693

#12-694 assembled with either #12-692 or #12-693

#12-694 assembled with either #12-692 or #12-693 How to assemble #12-694 with either #12-692 or #12-693

TECHSPEC® X-Y Positioning Stages feature a low profile design and two stacked rack and pinion movements to allow for travel in both X and Y axes. English or Metric top plates are sold separately from the rack and pinion mechanisms. TECHSPEC® X-Y Positioning Stages come in two sizes, a 46mm version with a 65mm footprint and a 125mm version with a 125mm footprint, to accommodate a range of benchtop translation applications. The English top plates are compatible with our TECHSPEC English Manual Translation Stages, while the Metric top plates are compatible with our TECHSPEC Metric Manual Translation Stages. The Rack & Pinion Drive Mechanisms come with a black anodized bottom plate featuring a universal hole pattern, which allows it to mount to both English and Metric standard breadboards directly without using additional adapter plates. TECHSPEC® X-Y Positioning Stages are ideal for quick X-Y positioning applications.

Technical Information

Use (4) M4 Socket Head Cap Screws included with #12-694 to assemble #12-694 together with either #12-692 or #12-693 to complete the X-Y Positioning Stage.