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UV Curing Pens

UV Curing Pen

UV Curing Pen UV Curing Pen Kit
  • Wireless, Battery Powered UV LED Pen
  • 365nm and 395nm Center Wavelengths
  • Up to 2W/cm2 UV Irradiance

UV Curing Pens are wireless, battery powered devices that provide up to 2W/cm2 of UV irradiance with up to 2 hours of battery life. Each pen comes as a kit with all accessories required for use including rechargeable batteries, a battery charger with USB cable, UV protective glasses, and a protective case. These pens operate by an on/off switch located on the pen body and provide instant, continuous UV light output when turned on. UV Curing Pens are ideal for use in optical workshops or laboratories where their lightweight, wireless design facilitates ease of use for UV curing applications, such as curing Norland Optical Adhesives.