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Ultraviolet (UV) Linear Polarizing Film

  • High UV Transmission from 325 - 400nm
  • 1000:1 Contrast From 325 - 400nm, 6000:1 Contrast From 400 - 750nm
  • Thin, Versatile Polymer Substrate

Ultraviolet (UV) Linear Polarizing Film provides excellent contrast, and transmission up to 39% for P-Polarized Light in the UV and VIS ranges from 325-750nm. A range of rectangular sizes are available to accommodate small and large beam diameters as well as LED light sources. Ultraviolet (UV) Linear Polarizing Films are made with a durable, robust film substrate that is flexible and can be cut to size using scissors. This polarizing film is a cost-effective alternative to glass UV polarizers, and are ideal for use in industrial sensing, spectroscopy, and microscopy applications. Near-Infrared (NIR) Linear Polarizing Film and Visible TECHSPEC High Contrast Linear Polarizing Film (XP42) are also available.