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Ultra-Broadband Achromatic Lenses

Ultra-Broadband Achromatic Lenses

Ultra-Broadband Achromatic Lenses

  • Broadband Color-Corrected Design
  • >90% Transmission from 800 to 4000nm
  • Ideal for Hyperspectral Imaging Applications
  • Near-IR (NIR) Achromatic Lenses Also Available

Ultra-Broadband Achromatic Lenses feature high broadband transmission greater than 90% from 800 to 4000nm. These doublets are a compact solution for extending an application’s operation to the mid-infrared spectrum while correcting for chromatic aberration at 1030nm and 3.5μm. For optimal performance, these lenses are constructed from air-spaced calcium fluoride and sapphire substrates housed within an aluminum barrel. Ultra-Broadband Achromatic Lenses are ideal for use in broadband applications such as hyperspectral imaging, NIR and MWIR spectroscopy, photothermal, and broadband light sources such as super-continuum lasers.

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